I make a variety of tokens, bases, dials, and more for a variety of different games, including your favorite Grimdark Game, Gaslands, Malifaux, Kings of War, and others.

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Additional Colors Available!

Hey guys and gals, Any of the Acrylic items you see on the website can be done in any of the colors I have available.

  • Blue - Transparent
  • Light Blue - Transparent
  • Red - Transparent
  • Green - Transparent
  • Orange - Transparent
  • Purple - Translucent*
  • Green - Translucent*
  • Pink - Translucent*

I may not have them printed up at the moment (so no picture on the site) but I CAN print them up for you, no problem!

It may just add an extra day to your order.
If you would like something printed in a different color, you can use the Contact Us form, or email me, or contact me on Facebook.

* Translucent - Light can shine through it if held up to a light, but it is not transparent.


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