5 Slot Tray (32mm) – Cobblestone


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5 slot Cobblestone textured movement tray for 32mm round bases, made out of mdf.
Includes 5 Cobblestone textured, 32mm, MDF Bases.
These could also double for “Cracked Earth” Bases too, if painted up the right way.

The movement tray comes unassembled, I recommend using a small amount of wood glue to assemble it.

The bases will each have a specific slot that they are the closest to matching.
The bases will be numbered in pencil on the back to help you match them up.

*Note – Pattern may vary slightly from the pattern in the photos.  Each one is a little different.

Additional information

Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × .25 in